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Take the guesswork out of choosing from dozens of data recovery services. We can help you correctly identify your problem, if you haven’t already, and then guide you to the data recovery solution that is most appropriate for your needs.

Our team works with many companies—large and small—in the data recovery industry. We know what services or products they offer, their actual prices, the quality of their customer service, and the level of their expertise in recovering data. We can lead you to the one that has the best solution for you.  

Why is Data Recovery Resource Network so valuable?
Our aim is to give you reliable information, making it easier for you to choose which course to take. And, we can guide you, step by step, through the process, if you’d like. (By the way, Data Recovery Resource Network can help you get lower prices for data recovery services and products than you can alone.)

How much does data recovery cost?
Find out how much data recovery costs and why.

Can my data be recovered? YES, in most cases. Learn what causes data to become unrecoverable.

How long does it take to recover my data? Number of days data recovery usually takes and options to speed it up.

Where are data recovery labs located?
You may be surprised to find out how close one is to you.

Data Recovery Resource Network Blog.

Did you know that some hard drives can be fully recovered simply with software you can buy? Data Recovery Resource Network can help determine if this might work for you. We can also help you choose the right software and give you tips on what you need to do for a successful recovery.


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It's hard to know which data recovery service or solution you need when every company claims they are the best. They all say the basically same thing, which leaves you scratching your head and wondering: What is the right solution for me?

Before You Do Anything Else...
Take a few minutes and read these 10 Vital Questions you should ask any data recovery service or solution provider you talk to. It will save you time, money and help you make the right choice.
10 Vital Questions To Ask.